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Humpday review

Bromance taken to the next level...

You can just imagine the remake with Paul Rudd and Zack Galifianakis…

Randomly reunited in their thirties for the first time since their college hell-raising days, married yuppie Ben (Mark Duplass) and bearded wild-man Andrew ( Joshua Leonard, The Blair Witch Project’s cameraman) find they both have something to prove.

So when they drunkenly bet each other they can have on-camera sex to win an art-movie contest, it’s not gay – it’s “beyond gay”. Neither of them really likes the idea of “two dudes straight-balling”. Neither of them wants to be the one to pussy out.

Sure, you can argue that the premise is a little far-fetched. But shooting raw and loose without a script, director Lynn Shelton and her game cast confidently plot an intriguing voyage of discovery through the male psyche.

Fresh, funny and subtly insightful, this daring little indie bromance feels like the movie Hollywood wouldn’t have the balls to make.

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