Humble Bundle is donating a portion of proceeds to Stop AAPI Hate

Humble Bundle
(Image credit: Humble)

Humble Bundle has announced that it's partnering with Stop AAPI Hate, a coalition addressing the rise of anti-Asian discrimination amid the pandemic.

This week, Humble launched two new bundles for which a portion of proceeds will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate. The Burn Rubber Bundle is a collection of racing games including KartKraft, Nascar Heat 5, and Assetto Corsa. Meanwhile, the Biggest Graphics Ever software bundle includes photo editing assets like lightroom presets, overlays, Photoshop actions, textures, LUTs, and fonts. As with other Humble bundles, you can decide how much of your purchase goes to the publishers, Humble itself, and the charity. 

Taking it a step further, Humble is making Stop AAPI Hate its featured charity for the month of April, which means all applicable purchases on Humble Bundle, including 5% of proceeds from Humble Choice, will support the charity.

"At Humble, we condemn the heartbreaking and senseless violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders," reads a tweet from Humble's Twitter account. "We are committed to supporting the AAPI community and in the coming weeks we are partnering with Stop AAPI Hate, a coalition dedicated to addressing anti-Asian racism."

This isn't the first Humble initiative designed to combat racism. Back in June, the company released the Fight For Racial Justice Bundle, with all proceeds benefiting "organizations fighting for racial justice." In the same month, Humble launched the Black Game Developer Fund, a $1m annual program aimed at helping Black developers without publishers fund their games.

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