Huge Metroid Prime 3 spoilers leaked

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, heading for Wii later this year, could be one of the best FPS games ever made according to early impressions from Play magazine, who also revealed some juicy new details.

MP3 is very much aimed at the hardcore gamer, says the preview (via GoNintendo (opens in new tab)). The controls, which use the Wii Remote like a gun while you move with the Nunchuk (ala Red Steel) have been greatly refined according to the magazine, which goes so far as to say that it betters dual-analog setups.

An "advanced" control option makes the pointer extra sensitive for more confident players, and visor switching is done by holding the minus button and flicking the Remote in different directions.

The game will now feature weapon stacking (whereby you combine different beams to make one stronger beam, rather than switch between them) which is back from the days of Super Metroid - something we're very pleased to hear.

Play also revealed (here come those spoilers) that the first level begins with Samus being attacked while meeting with the captain of another spaceship, where she is embroiled in a chaotic battle. This levels later ends with a battle with fan favorite, Ridley.

The second level is apparently set in a floating city. Larger environments meansmore emphasis is placed on open exploration, as Metroid games should be.

Alas, no multiplayer options were revealed.

June 25, 2007