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This is the end of Uncharted 4 - the mo-cap's done, everyone go home

Naughty Dog has made it very, very clear that Uncharted 4 is the end of the series, and talked about how nothing will be left hanging for a sequel. Even so there's something quite poignant to this shot posted by directer Neil Druckmann, announcing a wrap to the game's mo-cap shooting. Nolan North's done a ton of voice work in his career but Uncharted will always be what he's remembered most for. So it's a little sad to see him saying goodbye. (And, yeah, the shot's obviously staged and cheesy as all hell, but still...)

Nolan North also had a little message on the matter:

Interestingly, people were quick to point out the ship's wheel in the background. Will we be heading out to water in the final instalment?

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