Horizon Forbidden West trophy list revealed and none of them are restricted by difficulty level

Screenshots from Horizon Forbidden West running on PS5
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The trophy list for Horizon Forbidden West has been shared online and it looks as though the platinum is achievable regardless of what difficulty level you are playing the game on.

As shared by Powerpyx.com, Horizon Forbidden West contains 59 trophies, one gold, seven silver, 50 bronze, and as usual, one platinum. The good news is that by the looks of it, none of these trophies are locked to a specific difficulty level so it should be easy enough to unlock them all through one thorough playthrough of Horizon Forbidden West once it releases on February 18, 2022. 

There is one trophy that has caught our attention in particular though and it relates to a highly requested feature rumored to be coming to the sequel. We suggest you don't read any further if you don't want to know what it is and want to go into Horizon Forbidden West blind.

**Minor Horizon Forbidden West mechanic spoilers below**

As hinted at during the Horizon Forbidden West cinematic trailer, as well as leaked via an early review of the game, it looks as though Aloy will be able to mount flying machines. One of the trophies in the upcoming game is "completed two flying mount quests" which as you can imagine, can only be obtained once players complete two quests that require a flying mount.

This isn’t too much of a surprise considering the team at Guerrilla previously tried to incorporate this mechanic into the first game in the series Horizon Zero Dawn. Earlier this year, it was discovered that in Aloy’s original adventure she was able to jump on the back of a Glinthawk, however, this feature only appeared in early builds of the game and never made it to the final cut. 

Just can’t wait to reunite with Aloy and the machines again? Take a look at our Horizon Forbidden West review to find out what you’ve got to look forward to.  

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