Horizon: Call of the Mountain players can't get over how tiny Aloy is

Horizon: Call of the Mountain
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Horizon: Call of the Mountain players can't get over how tiny Aloy is in the new game.

Call of the Mountain, the new PSVR 2-developed Horizon spin-off, launched alongside the new hardware yesterday on February 22. As the major first-party launch title, Call of the Mountain is drawing in veteran Horizon players, and they're quite perplexed at how small Aloy is.

"Maybe a minor spoiler I guess, but she shows up in the beginning of Call of the Mountain. Snd seeing her in human scale in VR....shes quite small. She seems barely over 5 foot," one flummoxed user on the Horizon-dedicated subreddit writes. "Tiny but mighty," another wrote in response.

"At some point you do meet Aloy and I have to say it was a true experience, I was face to face with the beautiful warrior and I have to say it was awsome," another fan of Horizon Forbidden West wrote. "She was shorter then I imagined."

"One of the things you can only experience with an actual VR headset is the scale of things. Seeing the machines in life size is amazing," a player wrote, explaining one of the neat new things about Call of the Mountain. "One thing that stood out to me is how short Aloy is."

If you hadn't already guessed, Aloy is in fact in Horizon: Call of the Mountain, as developer Guerrilla revealed prior to the new game launching. However, the mainline lead is only in a supporting role this time round, which means players are now seeing Aloy from an entirely new perspective.

As a result, Aloy's scale when next to objects like the player is being revealed in a fully 3D environment. Aloy might be a short queen, but as the aforementioned user attested to, she's "tiny but mighty."

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