Hooray! Kick-Ass getting a studio home?

Good news for anyone who A) saw the Comic-Con footage of Kick-Ass (yes, even those who saw it online) or B) is desperate to see the film itself: looks like it'll be picked up.

Matthew Vaughn had to turn to indie financing and production to get his adaptation of Mark Millar's brutally funny comic book made when none of the big Hollywood studios would back it.

Sony has originally struck a deal with Marv Films and the director, but demanded lots of changes, such as making the characters older.

So now, with hefty, positive Comic-Con buzz on his side and healthy interest in the film, Vaughn has been screening the film for studios such as Lionsgate, Paramount and Universal.

And, according to The Risky Business Blog, one of them will likely end up buying and distributing the movie, which means we'll get to see it released properly.

Good news for fans of twisted takes on comic book lore and girls who beat up rooms full of men...

[Source: Risky Biz Blog ]

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