Homie Rollerz - Character Bios

Jokawild is the main mixer of the DJ team of JOKAJAMS. Together with Jokachild they mix the baddest beats. They work every night at the Homies Hot Spot. They also tour with the Homies Rappers and do private parties. They are wicked-looking Homies but no one can argue that they throw down the sickest mixes.
Home Track – Homieclown Circus

There was a time when Zombie the Homie was one of the coolest looking Homies around. All that ended after a visit to the shop of La Gitana on Venice Beach. He wanted her help looking into the future for the winning lotto numbers. Instead, she turned him into her walking dead slave using voodoo magic. He works for the local undertaker now and cruises around the hood in a custom lowrider hearse. Zombie hopes to someday find a cure and return to his living self.
Home Track – Haunted House

Unlockable Characters

Hollywood has pretty-boy looks, a big hairstyle and is an impeccable dresser. He is cool, suave, and he is a legend in his own mind, at least. Well known in the barrio, he is popular with all the girls. Hollywood is a successful businessman and can afford a whole fleet of custom cars. Though Hollywood is self-centered and thinks he’s all that, he never refuses his Homies and will do anything for them.
Home Track – Hollywood Hills

Alien Ese
Alien Ese showed up one day, telling the Homies about how the men in black were chasing him down. Apparently, he’d been hiding out in Roswell, New Mexico, since 1947 when his spacecraft crashed over the desert. For years he worked as a chilero in Chimayo, until someone ratted him out and he headed to East L.A. The Homies taught him how to dress and walk and talk like a Homie. Alien Ese wants to use the wish to return to his home planet Chupar.
Home Track – Planet Chupar

Feb 28, 2008

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