Hitman movie plot details unmasked

Initial details on the plot for the forthcoming Hitman movie have materialized, and Agent 47's on the run.

Reported on IGN, an official synopsis of the storyline released reveals that the contract killer becomes embroiled in a political takeover and gets set up, resulting in him being pursued by the Russian military and Interpol. Someone wants Agent 47 out the picture, but who? Very enigmatic...

Above: Hitman: Blood Money is part of the series that has now inspired a film

The main plot is intertwined with a subplot revolving around "the stirrings of his [i.e. Agent 47's] conscience" and "the unfamiliar emotions aroused in him by a beautiful, damaged girl," all of which could actually turn out the be the assassin's biggest threat. Apparently.

Hitman the movie is set to release toward the end of the year and stars Timothy Olyphant as videogaming's deadliest bald guy.

April 25, 2007