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Hitman: Absolution trailers offer background intel

Meet Benjamin Travis, Powers Boothe, and Shannyn Sossamon – three of the fictional and living people set to lend their talents (and/or cadavers) to Hitman: Absolution. So who's getting paid and who's on the target list? Put your sleuthing skills to work in the first of Square Enix's profile videos.

In case you're still unclear, Travis is the fake one. You can find out more about him by scanning the QR barcode at 1:01 or skipping the hard work and heading straight to The Barcode Society website.

Up next is a behind-the-scenes interview with Powers Boothe (24, Deadwood) and Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight's Tale), the voices behind the Hitman: Absolution's Benjamin Travis and Jade, respectively. See what it takes to thrive in the voice acting biz in the video below:

Hitman: Absolution is on track for a late 2012 release on PS2, Xbox 360, and PC. Skim Square's faux-headlines for more info in Hitman: Absolution makes (fake) front page news.

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