Hitman 3 analysis shows Xbox Series X advantage over PS5

Hitman 3
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An analysis of Hitman 3 reveals that it runs at 4K on Xbox Series X and 1800p on PS5. 

In the video below, Digital Foundry takes an in-depth look at Hitman 3, which only just launched yesterday across both current and next-gen consoles. In the video, it's revealed that while Xbox Series X is capable of running Hitman 3 at a native 4K resolution, the PS5 version drops the resolution down slightly to 1800p, while the Xbox Series S supports a 1080p resolution.

However, that is the only significant difference between the consoles. For instance, in frame rate department, it's actually neck and neck between all three next-gen consoles. PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S all support Hitman 3 running at 60FPS, which "barely wavers" from start to finish, according to the report from Digital Foundry. The only slight exception to this is the mission-based in Mendoza, Argentina, where Xbox consoles would run between 50 and 60FPS on the outskirts of the mission area.

Across PS4 and Xbox One, it's a stable 30FPS for Hitman 3, with one exception. The PS4 Pro can support IO Interactive's new game at 60FPS with a 1080p resolution.

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