Hints of Mercenaries 3? Mercs coming to Wii?

Mercenaries 2 creative director Cameron Brown has been talking about "moving on" to Mercenaries 3, and is (somewhat) cautious when speaking about bringing Mercs to Wii.

In an interview with Next Generation that touched on the delays incurred by the upcoming Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, creative director Cameron Brown said, "While we don't want to delay the game, and we certainly don't want to disappoint anyone--and we're keen to ship the game and move on to Mercs 3--it was the right call for us was to make sure that co-op [in Mercs 2] was going to be properly integrated into the experience and to make sure that all that key destruction was really going to be what it needed to be."

It's not an official confirmation of Mercenaries 3, although it shouldn't be of any surprise if Pandemic's new owner, Electronic Arts, would be pleased to see a third installment of a franchise whose entry title proved to be the best-selling original property of 2005.

Pandemic and EA are making a big media push as the development of Mercenaries 2 heads towards the home stretch. The game is garnering heavy interest from gamers on the Internet with its promise of drop-in/drop-out co-op, fully destructible environments and go-anywhere Grand Theft Auto-inspired gameplay.

The title is slated for an August release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and PS2.

A separate team is working on the PS2 version--a version that would seem like a likely candidate for a port to the Nintendo Wii.

Brown was standoffish about talking about any potential Wii version of Mercenaries 2. "I'm going to refer you to [EA's public relations] on that one," he said. "I honestly don't know what I can talk about and what I can't."

Nevertheless, speaking theoretically, Brown said he'd be happy to bring the franchise to the Wii in some shape or form.

"I personally would love to make a Wii version of Mercs," he said. "I think we've had a lot of discussions internally about how we would do that and how we would use the controls. I would love to make something that was really unique to the platform that uses the universe of Mercs in a way that was unique to the Wii.

"I think you could take that kind of really over-the-top explosive attitude and do some pretty interesting things with the controls. Yeah, I will neither confirm nor deny anything about developing Mercs for the Wii but I think it would be cool."

Courtesy ofNext Generation- read the full interviewhere.

Apr 17, 2008