Highly important Rock Band super-info

Sept 10, 2007

OXM has a weekly podcast (they're on episode 79). Last week they interviewed the man in charge of Rock Band, Alex Rigopulos, the CEO, president, co-founder and general cool guy of Harmonix. You shouldcheck it out.

It's an illuminating interview that reveals several new tidbits about the game. The 360 bulk package of the game will not have wireless guitars but will come packed with a USB hub.The PS3 package will include wireless guitars, but neither version will have any option for a wireless mic or drumset. There will be individual ESRB ratings for downloadable tunes (which means you will be able to use swears), and the final, end-game song for the drum career mode is going to be The Who -"Won't Get Fooled Again." See if you can find it on our list of Rock Band'sknown songs (hint: it's 26 songs up from The Pixies - "Wave of Mutilation").

The podcast was missing oneimportant elementlast week: co-host and one-man editorial powerhouse Dan Amrich was on vacation. Filling in is Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Xbox Live's Director of Programming - that's a big deal. Dan may want to be careful who he lets sub for him while he's away or he might not have a job to come back to.