High on Life has some terrible movies for you to watch for some reason

High on Life screenshot
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High on Life lets you watch some absolutely terrible movies in full.

Squanch Games's new venture is pretty out there, and arguably nothing is more out there than letting players watch awful movies in their entirety within a game. As evidenced by the Reddit post just below, one of these movies is Tammy and the T-Rex, a 1994 sci-fi comedy starring none other than The Fast and Furious's Paul Walker.

Another movie that somehow made its way into High on Life is 1978's Vampire Hookers. A horror comedy (is it a horror? Is it a comedy? You decide!), the movie has a 3.9 out of 10 rating on IMDB, and sees an older vampire using younger vampires to lure prey back to his hideout. Ground-breaking stuff.

Warp fun!

High on Life warp discs and crystals

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See some of the game's hidden fun with High on Life warp discs and crystals to unlock secret areas, activities and an achievments. 

Apparently, there's two more movies to discover in High on Life, according to GamesRadar+'s intrepid reviewer. We weren't able to view the third movie and identify it, but we can report that the fourth movie stars a sad clown who sings children's songs while murdering people. The 20th century really produced some gems of the screen.

As the comments of the Reddit post above point out, this isn't the first time a game has pulled this nonsense. The Darkness let players watch To Kill a Mockingbird in full, and also Frank Sinatra's The Man with the Golden Arm, for some obscure reason. Maybe High on Life is merely continuing this, erm, tradition. 

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