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Heroes 1.08: Seven Minutes to Midnight review

Original US airdate: 13/11/06

Written by: Tim Kring

Directed by: Paul Edwards

Starring: Jayma Mays, Kavi Ladnier


The One Where: Mohinder
returns to India.

Mohinder returns to
his university in India. He meets
an old girlfriend, Mira, who’s now
head of genetic research for a
company. Later, he has a vision of
his father, and a small boy silently
playing football… His mother tells
him that he had a sister, who died
when he was two.

Eden is looking after Isaac. She
tells him that heroin was just a
facilitator for his talent, and that
she went through the same thing.

Ando and Hiro meet Charlie, a
waitress working in a Texan diner
who’s gifted with a phenomenal
memory. She and Hiro fall for
each other. But Sylar’s also there,
and kills Charlie. Hiro vows to go
back in time and rescue her. Matt
and Audrey interrogate Sprague.
His radioactivity killed his wife.

Matt shows him the mark on his
neck. Later, Sprague escapes
from homeland security.

Isaac can’t paint prophetically
without drugs. Bennet, fearing
for Claire’s life, instructs Eden to
make him take smack.

Mohinder receives a vision of
his father’s murder. He finds a
key in a notebook and discovers
a photo of the boy…

Hiro does not return to Ando,
as promised. We see a photo of
him with Charlie on the wall…

We only meet Charlie
in this episode, but it’s a tribute to
some fine writing that her death
is devastating. Bennet’s love for
Claire gives us some insight into
the man, but his insistence that
Isaac return to heroin is ruthless.
Still don’t trust him.

Mira: “It’s the sort
of cutting-edge science we used
to talk about late into the night.”
Mohinder: “The world’s worst
pillow talk, I’d say.”

Nick Setchfield

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