Heroes of the Pacific review

Couch bombardiers unite!

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  • +

    Over thirty planes to master

  • +

    Skies frantic enough to make Michael Bay puke

  • +

    Missions book ended with historical facts


  • -

    You can t always fly your favored plane

  • -

    Enemies that inexplicably cheat death

  • -

    Game is as merciful as a POW camp

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It’s odd that so many choose to concentrate on the European Theatre of Operations. Storming Normandy and the grim struggle for Stalingrad provide meaty scenarios, but they’re only part of the story. On the other side of the world a different type of war was being waged. A war fought in the endless blue of sea and sky.

Heroes flings you into this frightening azure void with an alarming lack of ceremony. Much like the young pilots of the day you’re thrown into the thick of things before you’re really ready. The early campaign levels are a wake up call to those who’ve mistaken the arcade handling and comic book Americana styling as an indication that they’re in for an easy ride.

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DescriptionIt'll never be accused of being a Pearl Harbor simulation, but it's enough to keep brash dogfighters happy.
US censor rating"Teen","Teen","Teen"
UK censor rating"","",""
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)