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Heroes of Newerth closed beta key giveaway

Above: The G-Sons Internet Café in Quezon City, Philippines is also hosting games of Heroes of Newerth with closed beta keys from GamesRadar

If you’re one of the millions of players who still creep and farm in the popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients, you have a big decision to make. Last month, we took a close look atLeague of Legends: Clash of Fates, an upcoming team-based real-time strategy that’s being hailed as the “spiritual successor” to Defense of the Ancients. But this month, we got to check out a new contender.

S2 Games, the creators of the Savage series and developers of Heroes of Newerth, also seems to have its sights set on the legions of DotA fans. Like the original mod, Heroes of Newerth borrows a bit of the best from every genre. Like a mash-up between an RTS, an action RPG, and a team-based FPS, Heroes of Newerth looks mighty promising. Haven’t heard of it? Check out ourhands-on preview. Better yet, read ourcontest rulesand let us give you a closed beta key so you can play it yourself!

1. Join RadarNation. It doesn’t take long at all. Already a member? Excellent. Login and scroll down to step two.

2. Click on your Inbox and send a message to GamesRadarContests. Include your email address in the body of your message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a code and instructions that will let you access the closed beta. We will distribute these codes on a first-come, first-served basis. So be sure to enter right away.

3. For updates on the giveaway process, check the comments section below or follow @GamesRadar on Twitter.

NOTE: Since we distribute these codes manually, it may take up to one or two days before you receive an email with your code. We thank you for your patience in advance.

Sep 2, 2009