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Here's what's coming in the Resident Evil 7 season pass. Spoiler: It's not kittens

There's only a matter of a week until Resident Evil 7 unleashes its brand of first person nasty on January 24 and Steam has revealed at least some of what we'll be getting as part of the season pass. There's no release date for this grim content as yet but it will all be available by the 31st of December this year. Here's what we're getting. 

Banned Footage Vol. 1
- Nightmare
- Bedroom
- Ethan Must Die

Banned Footage Vol. 2
- 21
- Daughters
- Jack's 55th Birthday

• Additional story episode

Well, doesn't that look like a joy? Nightmare, Bedroom and Ethan Must Die sound like the shelf of the horror section of the video shop that you weren't allowed to go near until you were "older", and I don't expect Jack's 55th Birthday to be packed with cake and a pinata. Unless it's a pinata filled with teeth and nails. There's also an as yet unannounced story episode in there too so we'll keep an eye on that. The season pass is currently priced at £24.99 on Steam. 

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Louise Blain
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