Here's what Until Dawn looked like when it was a PS3 Move game

It's no secret that the final version of Until Dawn changed hugely from what was first revealed in a 2012 Gamescom sizzle reel. Now you can take a look at what the game nearly was - a first person, Move-controlled puzzle game. 

Developer Supermassive has talked openly in the past about how they totally reworked the game from what you see up there into the final, cinematic PS4 version that eventually arrived in 2015. 

Part of that change was driven by the move to PS4 which improved the game's visual potential and shifted the focus from Move controls to the characters and acting. Although, it's not hard to believe that the Move's lack of success at the time played a part. Several scenes and ideas carried over between the two versions suggesting the change was more technical than anything else.  

What is interesting is how much this older version looks like a VR game now. Something that Supermassive totally delivered on with the excellent Rush Of Blood this year. 

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Leon Hurley
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