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Here's what Super Smash Bros. would have looked like on the Game Boy

Super Smash Bros is by all accounts a fantastic game franchise. But there's one problem - it isn't portable. Plus, there are just too many colors. So the only thing that would make it better is if you could play it on-the-go on a 1980s green-and-black screen.

That's whatDan Fornance (opens in new tab)has done in a brand new homebrew game called Super Smash Land. It actually runs on the old Game Boy engine and lets players see what the SSB experience is like on a vintage Nintendo system.

Super Smash Land is, sadly, just a demo. There are three stages and only two characters - Mario and Kirby - to choose from. But then again, this is the Game Boy we're talking about, so no one's shooting for the moon to begin with.

The demo is playable through emulation software, and even supports four-player multiplayer.

Now all that Dan Fornance guy needs to do is invent a time machine and show this game to Nintendo in 1992, and he'd be a high-powered executive by now.

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Dec 14, 2010