Here's what modes are in the For Honor closed beta

So just what will the Knights, Samurai, and Vikings of Ubisoft's For Honor be doing when the closed beta begins later this month? Quite a bit of fighting, to no one's surprise. According a press release sent out today, beta participants can look forward to playing Dominion 4v4, Brawl 2v2 and Duel 1v1 modes across six environments.

Closed beta players will also have the chance to try out Faction War, a metagame that takes place outside the core experience. In Faction War, each victory your chosen faction achieves grants them a boost in online leaderboards. Think of it like a team ranking system that stretches across platforms and you've got the right idea.

The For Honor closed beta begins January 26 and runs to January 29. If you haven't signed up already, be sure to register on the game's official site (here for US readers, here for UK readers) for your chance to get in.

Sam Prell

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