Here's how The Walking Dead filmed THAT tiger moment in the season 7 finale

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season 7 finale.

After a season’s worth of set-up, The Walking Dead season 7 finale finally paved the way for all-out war between the villainous Negan and Rick and the rest of the group. One of the episode’s defining moments came when Shiva, King Ezekiel’s pet tiger, saved Rick’s son Carl from coming face to face with Lucille – Negan’s baseball bat and weapon of choice.

Now, thanks to actor Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl on the show), we have a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at how the production managed to pull off those last-second tiger heroics.

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That sounds kind of like a joke, right? But the best part is there’s photographic evidence to back up that claim.

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In case that tweet gets deleted for some reason, take a closer look at that glorious picture:

No word yet on whether they also used the same guy in a blue suit to stand in for that awful CG deer earlier in the season, but I’d say the effect actually worked pretty well this time.

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Images: AMC/Twitter

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