Here are 6 important stats for Horizons robo T-Rex

Think that robo T-Rex that featured in Horizon: Zero Dawn's E3 presentation looks dead easy to beat? Pretty sure you could take the beastie (known in game as a Thunderjaw) done to Suplex City? Considering Gurreilla's latest project away from the Killzone franchise doesn't have a single ballistic weapon, you might want to reconsider showing off those big minerals of yours.

Infact, the Thunderjaw is more than just a fearsome robo foe - it's a feat of graphical and mechanical excellence that shows just what the Dutch studio is aiming to do with the power of PS4. In the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, the team reveals the 'Jaw consists of 550,000 polygons, 271 different animations, 67 visual effects and 60+ hit reactions. We can imagine most of those animations involve poor Aloy getting a dose of dino violence.

In fact, thepart-Ygritte-from-Game-of-Thrones/part-Ripley-from-Alien heroinewill have to watch her head in theEnslaved-evoking futureof Horizon. The Thunderjaw has 12 unique weapons (including lasers, Gatling guns and the classic foot stomp) and even boast a nasty Disc Launcher on its back. Should you manage to knock it loose, that big shooter will come in useful as you hack away the 63 separate panels that reveal blastable weak points. We. Are. So. Excite.

The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, with Horizon: Zero Dawn on the cover, is out now. Download it here or subscribe to future issues.

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