Here and Now Indie: Ninja Senki

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Retro platformers are a dime a dozen these days, not that we’re complaining. But few have ever busted out such a nostalgia suplex on our heartstrings like Ninja Senki, an old-school platformer by one of the minds behind the equally great Wizorb. As the pixelated ninja Hayate, you’ll traverse sixteen levels rife with tough-but-fair obstacles, hurling human-sized shuriken with the same satisfying tempo as Mega Man’s buster shot.

Ninja Senki captures the perfect pacing of the best NES games, wordlessly easing you into new mechanics through gameplay alone before pushing your newfound skills to their limit. The charming Game Boy Color-style graphics give it that extra coat of authenticity, and the level and boss designs are fantastic. If you’ve ever enjoyed an NES platformer, download this now and prepare to love your life.

Ninja Senki Launch Trailer from pixeltao on Vimeo.

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Lucas Sullivan

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