Help BioWare write Sonic's story

Sega and BioWare are currently running a competition that allows fans to vote on the name for the mysterious new alien race that will feature in the DS title, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

EDIT: At time of press, thecompetition websiteis down. But if it were working (keep checking back), the following rant would be relevant:

You can select one of the nine possibilities listed on the website. To make your decision more than merely picking your favourite featured made-up name, there's a picture of one of the never-before seen aliens on the site too.

Looking at the alien and dropping into speculation for moment, it appears that Sonic will be battling a Chaos-Emerald infused group of Golems about five times the size of the spiky blue hedgehog.

Personally, it looks a little bit too Dungeons and Dragons for our liking (it's as if the developer had some connection to D&D, somehow) and severely missing the mechbot feel of the original games.

If Caterkiller's and Batbot's aren't featured in the game, we're not going to be happy.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 7, 2008