Hellgate screens claw to the surface

Fashionably early for All Hallow's - which makes up for the game being a little fashionably late to our PCs - here's a new selection of Hellgate: London screens.

If there was a worry that the Diablo creators' jump to full 3D would mean the enemies wouldn't be packed on quite as thick as they used to, the crowds of flesh-hungry evil in these shots has put our minds at rest. In fact, the enemies are outnumbered only by the variety of guns and melee weapons you'll have to send them back to Hell with - we're itching to see the new Eel Launcher, which takes 'live ammo' to a horror B-movie extreme.

Even better, recent interviews with developer Flagship Studios suggest that Hellgate could be starting beta testing (private beta testing, sadly) at the end of the year, which points towards a mid-2007 start for the online demon-hunting and item-hoarding.

Hit the Images tab above to check out more new Hellgate screens.

October 27, 2006