Hellgate: London - updated impressions

While the Guardian's strength lies in taking damage, the Blademaster's true power comes from the ability to quickly deal it. During the demo, we saw how the Blademaster could use a Charge attack to quickly dash into a large group of enemies before dealing some deadly blows with his Sword of Justice strike. Before the swarms of demons overwhelmed the Blademaster, he used his Charge attack once again- this time targeting a demon in the background to escape certain death and the countless claws flailing after him.

Above: The Blademaster is the only class capable of dual wielding swords, making him dangerous in close quarters

Details regarding multiplayer are still fuzzy at this point. The game's developer is aiming to fix it so that you can join between five or ten other players in cooperative quests online. But until they're confident that everything's fine tuned and balanced- and most importantly fun- mums the word on exactly how large your party can be. Hellgate: London also plans to offer free online play modes while charging a fee for others. However, they're keeping those juicy details under wraps for now too.

Expect more gory details about Hellgate 's end game and online modes as its release draws nearer. In the meantime, make sure you check out our new screens and trailer featuring footage of the Guardian and Blademaster classes by clicking on the images and movies tabs above.