Hellgate: London demo launches

Oct 18, 2007

Fans who have pre-ordered Hellgate: London have already been beta testing the bloody waters of this FPS/MMO hybrid from the core creators of Diablo. But if you want to sample the game without committing to a purchase, you can get your hands on the demo by downloading it now withFileRadar.

This single player demo will let you choose from two of the game's six character classes. The Blademaster is a dual-wielding melee damage machine, and the Marksman is a long ranged gun crazy fanatic.

We've been having a blast blowing up demons in the beta, but actually prefer the Summoner and Engineer for their ability to successfully solo through difficult areas due to their ability to call forth pets. A mid level Summoner can call a ton of demons to its aid and the Engineer can build bots and drones to heal and fend off swarms of monsters in tough spots, so we're wondering why they weren't included in this single player demo instead.

But we'll save our nitpicking for Hellgate's release this Halloween. If you haven't tried it out, we highly suggest you give it whirl. Go ahead and hit on the Images tab above for the latest screenshots from this RPG shooter while you download the demo.