The developer promises 40 missile and bomb types, all with impenetrable acronyms such as SRAM, BIK, MRAM and the particularly dangerous-sounding A-SLAMR. God knows what any of them do, but two things are for sure; they're going to make massive great holes wherever you decide to shoot them and you're going to get the best seat in the house. How's that, you ask? With a little help from the 'impact cam'.

Upon hitting key targets, the camera wrenches itself from the player and follows the missile until impact. Dynamic angles and bullet time will accompany the third person view of your piece of burning death ripping through metal underbelly, incinerating the villain on the receiving end. Monstrously cruel voyeurism? Maybe. Satisfying? Yep.

Above: The impact cam in action. Planes explode into a million pieces of smoking debris

And it doesn't end there. The missions already confirmed have you destroying bridges, airports, docks and fortresses - anything occupied by the enemy, or that simply looks at you funny. Some missions will require nerves of steel as you fly under the radar, creeping towards battleships ready to bomb them right up their arsenal.