Have your say: which Gamescom-exclusive Xbox game are you most looking forward to?

For our new issue, OXM wants your opinions for a new section of the magazine. Every month, we'll ask you a simple question, and your answers will make up a piece of the papery puzzle.

Gamescom is finally here! For Xbox One gamers, this is huge. We'll be seeing some of our most anticipated games that were notable by their absence from E3. So we want to know which of these titles is the game you want to see the most of. Will it be the superhero mayhem of Crackdown? The time-twisting tale that us is Quantum Break. Or is it whatever the hell Scalebound turns out to be?

We've deliberately picked games that we didn't get to see at E3 earlier this year – we've been spoiled by the likes of Halo 5 already – so we can see what 'smaller' games have got you excited. You know it's a great year when a new Crackdown is one of the smaller games. So what's your most anticipated game? Let us know in the poll below.

Tom Stone

Tom was once a staff writer and then Games Editor for Official Xbox Magazine, but now works as the Creative Communications Manager at Mojang. He is also the writer and co-creator of How We Make Minecraft on YouTube. He doesn't think he's been truly happy since he 100% completed Rayman Legends, but the therapy is helping.