Has Sam Fisher lost his voice?

As if we weren't confused enough about what's going on with the now-mysterious Splinter Cell Conviction, various websites are starting to report that Sam Fisher's lost his voice.

And by that we mean Michael Ironside, cult actor and Splinter Cell series mainstay, who is now rumoured to have lost his gig as the voice of Ubisoft's stealth hero.

According toSarcastic Gamer, who've supposedly heard the rumour themselves from various "people", Ubisoft has quietly axed Ironside from his role in 360-exclusive Conviction and even he himself doesn't know it yet.

We've contacted Ubisoft UK who've been quick to say nothing on the report, but we for one would be a bit gutted if Ironside parted ways with Fisher. Can you imagine the outcry if Solid Snake lost his distinctive grunt?

Far from confirmed, but let's hope this one's nothing more than internet chatter.

Courtesy of CVG

Jun 11, 2008