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Has The Raid remake lost its director, star and studio?

As moviemaking setbacks go, losing a leading man, director or studio backing are all fairly damaging, but to lose all three in one go? Well, that’s quite the punch to roll with. However, if The Tracking Board (opens in new tab) is to be believed, that’s exactly what has happened to the US remake of The Raid.

Patrick Hughes is reportedly no longer directing the film, while Taylor Kitsch has also vacated the starring role. On top of that, it is claimed that Screen Gems has pulled out of production, leaving XYZ Films as the lone production company still attached to the project.

XYZ is said to be ploughing on with the film, with the company seeking a new distributor and director as a matter of priority. Frank Grillo is also thought to remain attached, although how long his patience lasts remains to be seen. Even if this one manages to keep its head above water, don’t expect to see the finished article for a good while yet. There’s development hell, and then there’s this…

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