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Harvest Moon: On an Island With You [import] review

Single-handedly propping up an island economy and still no chicks


  • Control system uses touch screen well
  • Reap what you sow... literally
  • Caring for your chickens


  • Controls take getting used to
  • Audio choices could be better
  • Sick chickens

Let%26rsquo;s get this straight. We%26rsquo;ve been shipwrecked, we%26rsquo;re forced to run the only farm on the island - and we%26rsquo;re the only ones visibly purchasing anything from anyone, which means that we%26rsquo;re single-handedly maintaining this island%26rsquo;s economy? That%26rsquo;s a lot of pressure. Then, to rub sea salt into the wounds, other people gradually arrive and move onto the island out of choice, and at no point does anyone say %26ldquo;Hey, where were you headed before the shipwreck? Perhaps I can give you a ride?%26rdquo; Oh no - it%26rsquo;s all %26ldquo;Don%26rsquo;t be so eager, that turnip you gave me wasn%26rsquo;t all that great.%26rdquo; Lazy, ungrateful jerks.

More Info

DescriptionEven on a screen the size of half a cassette tape, our feelings are still hurt when one of our chickens gets sick.
UK censor rating3+
Release date1 February 2007 (US), (UK)