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Harmonix issues diplomatic statement over Guitar Hero demise

Harmonix's biggest, most direct competitorhas been axed, and it was only a matter of time before the developer responded to the news. Ina post on the official Rock Band website, Harmonix's John Drake expressed the company's take on Guitar Hero's demise with oodles of compassion and tact.

"We were sad to hear yesterday that Activision was discontinuing development on Guitar Hero. Our thoughts are with those who are losing their jobs, and we wish them the best of luck," reads Drake's post.

"The discontinuation of Guitar Hero is discouraging news for fans of the band game genre. As retail sales of Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles have slowed with time, we%26rsquo;ve been focused on building a robust digital platform for music gaming and have recently crested 2,500 songs available for play within Rock Band 3."

The statement goes on to discuss Rock Band 3 and the upbeat outlook Harmonix has for its series' future. Drake assures us that the end of Guitar Hero is not any indication that Rock Band will suffer a similar fate.

Drake concludes, "It%26rsquo;s been a wild battle of the bands since 2007, but we respect and appreciate all of the hard work and innovation of our peers who have shared the music gaming space with us, and we look forward to rocking in the future."

It's nice to see a respectful and compassionate response from what was Guitar Hero's biggest competitor. Well played, Harmonix.


Feb 10, 2011