Halo prequel - a reality?

FollowingBungie's split from Microsoft, it looked like it was over for both the Halo developer and their corpse-humping shooter for a while, but according to the latest round of magazine rumours a new Halo is already well underway (we can hear the hype machine being prepped already).

According to US mag Electronic Gaming Monthly, Bungie's already prepping a Halo spin-off for release in late 2009.

Supposedly, it's a third-person "action/adventure shooter hybrid," that takes place before the original Halo, and chronicles early skirmishes between the ODST and the Covenant.

EGM notes that the project may or may not be one of the Peter Jackson Halo Projects, but either way WETA is "definitely involved" in this Bungie project in "some capacity." Maybe it's doing the box art.

We already know that Bungie's making more games for Microsoft, and we'd be pretty stupid not to assume that at least one of them has something to do with Halo.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 25, 2008