Halo Infinite glitch makes couch co-op possible, but you could lose your save

Halo Infinite
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A newly discovered Halo Infinite glitch lets you and a friend play couch co-op together like it's 2007, just with limited capability and the very real possibility of losing your saves.

As discovered by Twitter user @nobleactual (cheers, Kotaku) the console-exclusive exploit makes one of Halo Infinite's most anticipated features possible ahead of schedule, but comes with a number of caveats: the second player won't have a visible HUD, the lighting is wonky, and they won't be able to use the UNSC Forward Operating Bases. And most importantly, as nobleactual and a number of Twitter users are reporting, the glitch could break your save files.

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And with those critical disclaimers out of the way, here's how you can exploit the glitch if you just really, really want to play Halo Infinite split-screen. First, you'll need to switch to Halo Infinite offline. Then, connect a second Xbox controller and assign it to an Xbox profile. With the first controller, load up the campaign, hit start, and then back out of the start menu. Finally, hit start with the second controller and add yourself to the squad. If all goes well, your screen will split into two and you can start roaming around with your bud.

Of course, 343 still has campaign co-op included in its 2022 roadmap, so you could also just wait for the feature to be introduced properly. In fact, that's undoubtedly the wisest move in this case, unless you just don't care at all if you lose your saves. In that case, it sounds like a fun and nostalgic way to kill a few hours.

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