Halo Infinite campaign gameplay video is a good old-fashioned arena fight

Halo Infinite
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A new Halo Infinite gameplay snippet shows you five uninterrupted minutes of The Conservatory mission, with Master Chief engaged in some good old arena-style combat.

The new gameplay video from IGN shows the age-old custom of killing a bunch of bad guys as they pour into a room while you wait for your AI companion to finish working on something. We get a look at Master Chief putting the arsenal of Halo Infinite weapons to good use - while players have already had a chance to try them out thanks to the Halo Infinite multiplayer early release, it just hits different when John-117 is using them to wipe out wave after wave of hostile aliens.

Once the shooting is (temporarily) finished, the Chief makes his way through a corridor where he finds a Spartan who fell in battle a few weeks ago. He grabs the dead Spartan's thruster suit upgrade first - you've gotta be pragmatic about these things - but the scene lingers for a while longer as the Chief honors his fallen comrade.

It sounds like The Banished have been tearing through UNSC forces left and right. Given Master Chief's knack for winning unwinnable fights, it's fair to say their prospects will get a lot worse when the Halo Infinite campaign is released on December 8. Until then, we're keeping plenty busy with the multiplayer beta - even if we're still waiting for 343 to give us match-based XP.

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