HALO again

While the lads at Latino Review are swearing blind this wasn’t an April Fool’s gag we’re going to treat this news as treading a fine line between rumour and fact.

But according to the site, Stuart Beattie – who penned Collateral and wrote the GI Joe script – has taken it upon himself to crank out a spec screenplay for a new HALO movie. Yes, that slightly famous video game property that was careening towards the screen with Peter Jackson producing before the brakes were rudely applied over budget problems.

Taken from Eric Nylund’s tie-in book, Beattie’s prequel idea – subtitle Fall Of Reach – will set up the Master Chief character and the central concept with humanity encountering the nasty alien hordes of The Covenant for the first time. Will it make Microsoft and the studios sit up and take notice? Is it even real? You decide, but not before you’ve clicked the link above.

Source: ( Latino Review )