Halo 3 - single player in-game screen

Anyone concerned that Halo 3 single-player might be a massive visual disappointment,take a look atthe screenshotbelow and rest assured that Bungie's on track- it's in-game from the single-player campaign, according to the developer.

Unfortunately, that's all the dev's saying about the image. "Well, well well, what's going on here? We're saying nothing about what's going on in the... image other than it is a screenshot taken in-game from Halo 3. You may now commence rabid speculation, inevitably followed by wishing that you were friends with a super genius doctor who was willing to drive you to September 25 in his '80s sports car."

Of course, this isn't the only new bit of eye-candy we've gotten over the last few days. You can read our thoughts on the new maps imageshere, check outthirty - that's right, we said thirty -of our freshestscreenshere,or click on the Images tab at the top of the page tobrowse our completearchive of Halo pics.

July 6, 2007