Halo 3 Legendary price point

In its latest weekly update Bungie has addressed the price of the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, apologizing for the fact that it's actually come in at $30 more than many have pre-ordered it for.

The dollar price point for Halo 3 Legendary Edition was revealed as $129.99 last Friday, when Microsoft announced details on three different versions of Halo 3. A limited version, the Legendary Edition comes in a Spartan helmet and features bonus goodies.

In its update, Bungie described Microsoft's announcement on the Legendary Edition price as a "red-faced admission that it's going to be $30 more expensive than the estimated retail price used by retailers for pre-orders.

"Much as they telegraphed the fact that this price and content could be subject to change, it's fair to say that these things usually don't change," the dev's Frank O'Connor continued. "So apologies for that, but I think hardcore collectors (at whom the Legendary Edition is squarely aimed) will be pleased with the end result.

"The thing is truly lovely in real life, from the finish of the helmet itself, to the operation of the box and its sleeve," O'Connor added. "It reeks of quality and attention to detail (as it should at that price) and for fans, it's probably worth every penny."

March 19, 2007