Halo 3: Footage no one else has shown you

Sept 24, 2007

By now, you could have watched the first five minutes of Halo 3 on YouTube, spoiled the entire storyline, or read more than a dozen different reviews of Microsoft's biggest ever release. And yet there are still details that you've missed out on.

Fortunately, we're here to take you down the road less travelled. Of course, in two days time you'll be able to discover these nuggets yourself (and, no doubt, even more). But until Bungie's epic threequel is launched to an eager - nay, baying - public, you can enjoy our six mini Halo info-snippets...

Invert? No invert? It doesn't matter

Halo 3 is a tour-de-force in intuitive gaming, neatly illustrated by your first in-game experience. Master Chief's in need of re-calibrating after a crash landing, so in steps a Marine to help you out. "Look up here, sir," he says, raising a panel with a red light on it. Depending on whether you move the stick up or down at this instruction, the game automatically knows if you invert the controls or not. Clever!