Halo 3 demo in early 2007?

Xbox 360 owners could be getting not just a second glimpse, but a playable demo of its superstar shooter Halo 3 in the first half of 2007.

So far, Halo-starved fans have only had theE3 2006 teaser movie to chew on, but Game Informer claims "sources have revealed" the demo is scheduled for next year - although their efforts to get an official response from Microsoft received the usual "no comment."

The publication goes on to speculate that Microsoft will likely announce its plans for a Halo 3 demo (if it actually exists) in November, to draw attention from PS3 and Wii fever.

With the full game rumored for a November 2007 release and, according to developer Bungie, already in a playable state, it's up to Microsoft's marketing engine as to when we'll next see Master Chief - hopefully sooner rather than later.

October 24, 2006