Halloween Team reunites a group of teenage supernatural sleuths for an online dating mystery

Halloween Team #1
(Image credit: Matt Shults)

A new take on the Mystery Inc. archetype debuts just in time for the spooky season in Halloween Team #1, the first issue of a four-part limited series written by Danny Baram and drawn/lettered by Matt Shults.

Halloween Team follows Tommy Taylor, who formed the titular group in his teens with a bunch of other misfit kids to investigate and fight supernatural threats. 

(Image credit: Matt Shults)

Now, Tommy is in his 30s and working an office job in his hometown of Greenwood, Mass., which isn't nearly as interesting. He misses the excitement of being on the Halloween Team, and then a bizarre online date gives him the opportunity to get the gang back together.

"I’m incredibly excited for people to finally get to see what Matt Shults and I have been working on," Baram tells Newsarama. "While we are self-publishing the comic and it’s technically an 'indie' book, I think of this as a big, four-quadrant adventure story that fans of content like Stranger Things, Paper Girls, and Buffy will hopefully really enjoy. 

"Throughout the series, we'll have a lot of action and horror and some big twists as well. Ultimately though, it’s really about these characters who found each other as kids and have this shared history – but now, as adults, are more than ever trying to figure out who they really are and if they can still coexist. There’s also a TON more story to tell versus what we could fit into these four issues - so we’re really hoping that this is only the beginning and that we have the opportunity to continue on this journey with the readers."

Artist, colorist and letterer Shults adds, "I was mostly drawn to working on Halloween Team on the strength of Danny's script and the characters as well - they were a lot of fun to bring to life, as was the overall story of this series."

Newsarama can reveal a preview of Halloween Team #1, seen below.

Halloween Team #1 will be available October 4 as a digital release on Amazon.

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