Half-Life 2 gets some fresh air

We can never have too much information where Half-Life 2 is concerned, so we're thrilled todeliver this new trailer for theforthcoming EpisodeTwo.Hit the movies tab above to see the most teasing teaser yet.

It really has the lot: Alyx and the G-Man together at last, scenery-shredding demonstrations of the 'cinematic physics' effects being added to the engine, Strider-detonating sticky bombs, a Dog-vs-Strider face-off, Judith's apparent demise... and, yes, more.

It's almost enough to make the news of Episode Two's delay to 2007 go down a little easier - if it wasn't for the fact that now we want it more than ever. And just what is Doctor Kleiner building down there?

September 1, 2006