Half-Life 2 and Portal shots

The fresh Half-Life 2: Episode Two images just have us foaming at the mouth again in anticipation of the eagerly awaited second installment in Gordon Freeman's episodic adventures. Clickhere [PC,360,PS3] to see them all.

We've also got new screens of Portal [PC,360,PS3], and we can't stress enough how amazing this subgame is going to be when it comes packaged with Half-Life 2: Episode Two on PC and next-gen machines next March-ish. Of course, if you've already seen thetrailer [PC,360,PS3]or played spiritual predecessor Narbacular Drop, you'd know that already.

We'll be warping over to Valve's offices for a playtest of all of Episode Two's treats soon. But not soon enough, we fear.

September 28, 2006