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Hades patch notes buffs the Daedalus Hammer

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Supergiant has just published a new list of Hades patch notes, the first significant patch for the game since its final version launched last month.

The full patch notes went live earlier today on the Steam forums. Chiefly, there's some adjustments to how the Daedalus Hammer upgrade system works. The hammer now increases the Sturdy effect duration of the blade's Nova Dash, increases the power level of the Charged Volley shot from the bow, increases the area size of the bow's Sniper Shot, and increases the pulse damage from the spear's Flaring Spin.

You're also going to be hearing a lot more voices lines from various characters. For example, Charon has more voice lines when interacting with him, Asterius the bull has additional voice lines when entering his chamber, and the adorable Dusa has more voice lines when she's startled. 

There's also some changes to Boons and Blessings from your godly allies. Zeus's Lightning Reflexes now has improved scaling from Poms, and Artemis's Clean Kill ability has a similar adjustment. Elsewhere, Poseidon's Hydraulic Might has increased power scaling at the Heroic Rarity, and his Conch Shell Keepsake now works as a prerequisite for the Huge Catch Boon.

The patch also introduces some changes for the Heart-Seeking Bow and the Twin Fists. The latter now has increased Magnetized damage bonus with the Talos Aspect, and the Heart-Seeking Bow has reduced damage of Volley Special but an increased number of arrows fired to compensate.

In all, it's quite the list of changes and adjustments from Supergiant. Earlier this month, the developer posted pretty candidly about their future, saying that they were preparing to take some time away, and that further expansions to Hades weren't guaranteed since they haven't yet settled on their next project.

If you're struggling to get out of the bowels of hell itself, head over to our list of essential Hades tips for some key information.

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