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Hacker makes Kinect work on PS3

There have been a lot of Kinect hacks since the peripheral was released last November, but here's one that trumps them alldue toirony alone -a guy named Shantanu Goel has managed to make the device work on a PS3.

Via a very impressive piece of source code, Goel managed to make his PS3 recognize Kinect as a standard controller. All the buttons are mapped to hand controls, so moving your hand to the right acts as though you're pushing the right D-pad button, and creating a "pushing" gesture toward the screen acts as the X button.

Of course, Kinect was never designed to work that way. It's supposed to interface with software that only recognizes motion gestures,not substituted button presses.So it isn't a good PS3 controller by any means, but who the hell cares? The mere idea that someone was able to make Kinect talk with the PS3 is nothing short of awesome.

Goel noted his program is of "pre-alpha quality," but he wants to continue to improve it.

Check out this video of Killzone 3 being played with Kinect. Hell of a thing to see.

[Source:Shantanu Goel]

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Mar 21, 2011