Guybrush Threepwood suits up for Force Unleashed II

Any time a LucasArts game comes out, surprise characters from the past, playable or otherwise, are always to be expected. THIS, however, is certainly not one of them, as Guybrush was nowhere nearour short list of Darth this-or-that’s. But hereit is: A playable Threepwood skin,and it’s an addition most welcome!Easily better than the entire cast of Clone Wars combined, andyou can thank the powerful resurgencemade bythe Monkey Island seriesin the years since the original Force Unleashed came out. Either way, a gamer could wait his whole life and never see an image as awesomeas this:

Above: Seriously, it's not April 1st, right?!

That’s all we know now, unfortunately. But feel free to keep it tuned to theLucasarts / Force Unleashed II Facebook pagesince that’s where these images above originated.

Sep 28, 2010