Gunpey lights up PSP

Like any good puzzler, the mechanics behind Gunpey are best described in one sentence: Reconnect rising, fragmented lines before they reach the top of the screen. Well, there it is, so hop to it.

Thankfully, the actual act of weaving these broken lines will be visually arresting and an all night rave for the ears, as Gunpey comes to us from Q Entertainment. Not ringing any bells? Q brought us the pulsing techno beats of Lumines and the multicolored, alien hijinks of Meteos, two classic puzzle games that prove the company knows how to maximize a simple experience.

Gunpey takes its name from its original creator, Gunpei Yokoi, who also spearheaded the first Game Boy and later, the not-so-successful Virtual Boy. Q Entertainment is rebuilding the aged puzzler, adding its musical stamp to the basic, grid-based gameplay.

There's no release date for either version (short of the ubiquitous "fall 2006" we see so much of), but given the continued popularity of Lumines, a PSP launch title, there's good reason to expect a long-lasting, dream-robbing puzzler out of Gunpey whenever it decides to squiggle out to retail.

July 10, 2006

Brett Elston

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