Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

At this point, if feels like everything's already been done when it comes to hand-drawn, 2D fighting games. We've seen screen-filling, strobe-light megablasts, sea monsters clawing at mummies and even the X-Men caught in a battle with Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. But no matter how weird things get, you can always expect the bizarre sci-fi action of Guilty Gear to smack the reasoning right out of your skull.

Yeah, you've got the standard, electricity-spewing swordy dude and hulked-out strongman, but can any other brawler boast a leather-clad rocker babe and anchor-swinging pirate chick? How about a blind guy who attacks with just shadows or an androgynous, yo-yo-flinging kid in a combination nun/sailor costume? Guilty Gear Dust Strikers keeps all 21 of the so-crazy-they-have-to-be-real characters of the last game in the series, but adds wireless four-player elements and, dare we say it, touch-screen minigames.